Share your music


Want to get your music out there? What a coincidence – we want to play your original music! We should chat!

Give us a call or shoot us an email. We are accepting songs to accompany our telephone greetings for special occasions to all audiences. In other words, anything goes – rap, folk, techno punk, rock, country, whatever.

Here’s the scoop in a micro nutshell:

  1. Submissions must be original works and the submitter must have full right to offer the song for use on without infringing anyone’s rights.
  2. Submissions remain the property of the submitting artist and all rights are retained by the submitting artist.
  3. Family-friendly lyrics only. Lyrics containing foul language, violence or adult content will not be considered.
  4. Featured artists receive a webpage with links, photograph and information promoting you/your band.

Contact Us for all the details. We’d love to hear your music!