We worked hard to make MessageMelodies.com simple and fun to use.  But just in case you run into a question - check out these FAQs.  Chances are we've got an answer for you here.  If not, drop us a line and we'll get right back to you ASAP.

Q. Why do you ask for my name?

A.  The name(s) you provide, both for yourself and for the recipient, are inserted into the message introduction.  For example, "Hello Jane!  Mom and Dad sent you a special message..."  So enter the name just as you'd like it to be read.  No need for full names.  Oh, and please don't use symbols such as an ampersand (Mom & Dad).  Instead, spell the word "and".

Q.  I don't see a phone # when I click "Create".  

A.  Scroll down a bit - depending on your browser or screen size, it may appear a bit further down the page.

Q.  I don't see my retailer in the drop down box.

A.  Call the store where you purchased your card code to double check the spelling of their store name.

Q.  Does the song play during my voice message?

A.  First your voice message plays, then the song, then your voice message repeats.

Q.  How many times can my message be heard?

A.  Message Melodies that are delivered directly to a phone are delivered once, at the time and to the phone number selected by the purchaser.  Recipients of messages that are created using a Message Melody code (gift tags, cards, etc) can call in and hear their message three times.

Q.  Why can't I upload an mp3 from my cell phone?  

A.  Good question!  Our developer, Super Steve, tried reeeeallly hard to explain that one to us.  In the end, we had a migraine and he was considering a new career path - something simpler, like cat-herding in the Alps.  Suffice it to say that this is a function we are still working on.  For now, in order to attach your own song to a Message Melody, you'll need to log into your account from a computer.

Q.  Do you share my contact information with anyone?

A.  Nope.  Never.  

Q.  Where can I purchase recordable gift tags?

A.  Our gift tags are sold at a growing number of specialty gift shops, florists and stationery stores.  They can also be purchased from our Etsy store.  Feeling crafty?  Make your own special tags or cards, then simply add a code.  Our blog has some "How To" videos for you crafty folks.